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Played by KWoman

Nickname: Bar

Alias: Maeron Maddox (meaning: Bitter Son of the Patron)

Element: Metal

Gender: ? The guides have a running bet as to the answer of this question, but none have gotten close enough (except for Freyr) to actually have any real idea.

Age: Appears 19ish.

Birth Date: N/A

Birthplace: Heaven.

Blood Type: Probably A, if applicable.

Family: None…even God didn’t want Barbriel, so why should anyone else?

Hair: Black, hanging to just below the ears.

Eyes: Hazel.

Body: Stands at 5'7" and is almost painfully skinny, the rest of the details are sort of up in the air when it comes to Barbriel.

Marks: Deep scarring runs around Bar’s throat and along each wrist.

Clothing: Layers. Many, many layers of gray and black clothing conceal the bony frame they hang from.

Most Prized Possession: A Journal.

Hobbies: Reading, writing poetry, watching people.

Occupation: None. Barbriel has been wandering aimlessly for years now…never settling down in one place.

Food: Salads, any type of green leafy will do.

Fears: Large groups of people, heights.

Goals: Barbriel is currently wandering Tokyo looking for Raphael…and is not very happy about it.

Positive Characteristics: From years of watching people, Barbriel has learned how to use Empathy to read people’s emotions without flaw. Bar gets great amounts of inspiration from this.

Negative Characteristics: Quiet, soft-spoken, loner, anti-social…call Barbriel what you will and see if you get any reaction. Barbriel just doesn’t care anymore, and that’s that.

Personality: Bar doesn’t get along with people, but then again, doesn’t really try to either. Barbriel is content (to some extent) to just watch humanity as the years pass by…lingering in the shadows where many forget to look.

Past – Everyone makes mistakes, even God…Barbriel is proof of that. Created not only wingless, but incomplete in body as well. Barbriel's body favors one gender more so that the other, but which one is none of anybody’s business. Taken under Freyr’s wing (metaphorically speaking) after each of the suicide attempts, he is the closest thing to someone special (in a “big brother” sort of way) that Barbriel has.

Present – Wandering alone, seeking to find Freyr and the damnable Angel that is supposed to awaken under Barbriel’s guidance. Eternally alone, Bar seeks solace through books and through writing. There may never be anyone who’s soul will be able to bring comfort the scorched and bleeding one that rests within the slender, gothic figure.

Writing Sample:

October 9, 2002

Alone, in the desolate expanse,
Nothingness reigns supreme.
I fear the light; its presence blinds me.
My soul withers, and I feel it die.

Barbriel looks up from the Journal to peer across the vast blue of the ocean that ran alongside Tokyo’s shoreline. Searching for Raphael was turning up nothing, and it was beginning to become more trouble than it was worth. Bar watched as a happy couple walked past, arms entwined as they strolled, smiling and laughing. Thinking, Bar wondered how it was possible to be that happy…life was pain…life was suffering…life was unbearable, but Bar had promised Freyr that no more suicide attempts would be made. Barbriel sighed and looked back down at the Journal page.

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