played by AzrealMD

Nickname: there are no nicknames, there are no sweet words that would turn his ears, only his name will give you his attention. "Dom" will only get you a backhand.

Alias: Gregori Nhamen

Gender: Male

Age: 26

Birth Date: the time the Word itself was created, for his place is to make sure it is followed

Birthplace: Just after the Void was destroyed but before Heaven was established in it's entirety. He travels frequently and calls no place his home.

Blood Type: B would be the best for he is certainly single minded on finishing a task and quite object to anyone else interfering with his missions. When in doubt of a situation, his word is law in his eyes...all six of them.

Family: The only family he has is God and God alone, after all...whom would he be if he defied his creator.

Hair: Human form, his hair is that well kept and groomed
manner, similar to rich and forward men of position in
politics, save that he hates politics with a passion. It
is black on top with gray streaks on the sides, and
never is allowed to grow any longer than that. Angelic
form, he has no hair that has been seen for it is always
under his hood.

Eyes: Human form, his eyes are a hard gray with green
flecks in them along the irises, sometimes tending
towards a hazel when he is irritated. Angelic form, his
eyes appear as deep red glowing eyes full in the
sockets, going from irises to pupils to whites. He has
three pairs, two where they would normally be and then
each set just above and slightly farther apart.

Body: Human form, he's not the tallest of his kind, but
likes to be a set six-foot. He doesn't work out a lot but
his body is able to perform a lot of high endurance
maneuvers when needed. His hands are strong, yet soft to
the touch. He sometimes sports a goatee, but as of late,
the five o clock shadow seems to be the choice. Square
cut jaw as if chiseled from stone; he definitely
supports the playboy look, but doesn't act like one. His
angelic form is somewhat dark of skin, almost abysmal,
and is hidden beneath his cloak that comes along with
it. His hands and lower arms, which are the only things
seen from under the cloak, are plated like gauntlets,
and then banded over the palm once more.

Marks: Due to his fanatical craze of following the Word,
he's somehow managed to get a large cross-branded into
his back, one on each shoulder, and one over his heart
upon his chest. The only other marking is the symbol of
the Illuminatus tattooed upon the back of his right
hand. None of his markings can be seen when he's in
Angelic form due to the clothing he wears, as described

Clothing: He's a practical fellow and sticks to matching
shirts and pants, usually button ups and dress pants of
a dark blue, green, or steel gray, shoes always black
and shined. Sometimes he will sport a dark brown leather
trench coat depending on the weather, though the
temperature he prefers is quite cold. Upon his right
hand on the middle finger is a wedding band that does
not have a partner, it's make a mix of titanium and
silver. There is no other jewelry for him to wear,
though he does own a few select pieces some have given
him in the past. When out of his abode, he wears black
gloves over both hands, to cover his tattoo and to keep
from touching other humans at times. He's been known to
have a cigarette case handy, but rarely lights up more
than once a day, if even that. A simple brimmed hat is
worn outside when he takes his walks. Angelic Form, he
bears a simple brown cloak that sleeks his body in
shadows and prevents light going in and out for viewing
purposes only.

Most Prized Possession: At his home he keeps a pure
silver necklace in a black stone case. He bought it once
to give to someone that he might love, but he's never
found anyone worthy to give it to, and so it remains
his. Habitually, he checks it every day that he can and
looks at it under the moon. It calms him and yet taunts
him as well.

Hobbies: He prefers pool, and is quite good at it, but
is no master. The game suits him because the rules fit
him and there is nothing in pool that cannot be
justified by rules. He also likes to swim, but usually
alone. Few have seen his "brands" and he prefers it that
way. His other hobby is sitting in the park and watching
things pass by.

Occupation: How is money is made isn't necessarily
sure, but he does trade stocks and have some sway in a
few company development structures. He'll sometimes be
summoned to court for professional testimony as well in
high-end business cases.

Food: He likes his steaks medium rare but has a penchant
for peppermints.

Fears: Failure. His view is that he puts too much of
himself into anything, and it should not fail.

Weaponry: Human form he doesn't really fight much, but he knows basic throws and punches from various fighting styles. In Angelic form, his hands are the weapons, ranging from ice to fire to various other forms of contact damage.

Fighting Style: Human, small mesh of punches and throws....Angelic, ...hand to hand, and with some other advantages of the area around him. Best to describe it as "spacial relations." The air you breathe may lack oxygen if he so deems it, or his punch from 20 feet will seem to hit you.

Goals: Even though he is a Seer and was brought back to
destroy the world as the others so believe, his true
goal is to make sure that no angel forgets the Word of
God, and whether someone thinks him a friend or foe, he
will apply his own justice to any blasphemers, but only
true blasphemers. Using the lord's name in vane or
wanting to hurt him isn't worth his time, but
undermining god's wishes is.

Positive Characteristics: Smart and decisive, he is also
a very good listener. He'll listen to anyone's problems
for as long as they need him, give an answer if he can,
or give them questions to ponder. He's never made love
before, and has only been kissed once, and it was only a
peck at that. He doesn't see the need for companionship
because there is no one to give his necklace to. Like
Gremory, he has a knack for finding things, but it's
more of the logical sense and truth rather than physical
locations. He's lost his keys several times, but through
walking back in his own steps, he finds them again.

Negative Characteristics: He's cold, distant, and
logical in most cases. Probably explains his lack of a
love life, though usually no one has actually tried to go
anywhere with him. They look, they smile, they move on.
It's not that he isn't handsome, it just hasn't happened

Personality: He is the enigma of his dreams.
Calculating, ever watchful, and yet still unpredictable
when it comes to actions. He prefers his conversations
with a glass of wine and his work with a cup of coffee
regardless of the time. He is easy to talk to, but
doesn't seem it at times because his words seem as if
they are weighed before spoken. Bringing up the subject
of God will get you a very straightforward answer and
he will not take any views against his own on it without
cold hard evidence. He does get a bit cocky at times
when he knows he's right, and should someone try to
match wits with him, he'll do his best to look for
loopholes. After all, that was what he was made for.


Past - Dominic was born without the concept of love and
hate. And before beauty. His flesh was forged abysmal
like the Void and his arms and legs encased in metal to
remind him whom he works for and why. He was charged with
making sure none forgot the Word of God, and he follows
this blindly and without thought, though as of late,
since God has been a bit "out of it" as some say, he's
taken it to his own hands to what the Word actually
means. Though his brethren wish to destroy the world,
Dominic wishes to recreate it without destroying it,
simply by removing the disbelievers and the wrong. He's
not exactly sure why God has lost his grasp on things,
but he feels it is his fault for not enforcing the Word
enough into the choirs of Heaven. Since then, he has
deemed it his duty to correct the mistakes of others and
remove that which can't be corrected. Humans may have to

Present - Tokyo. He's been here before. A few decades
ago, but he's kept up with the times. There seems to be
a gathering of sorts here and so he has decided to see
what is going on and to make sure his two cents are
present. He'll find a place to stay, or with his wealth
(most of it in banks..he's not one for flaunting money),
he'll buy a house somewhere unless he's invited to live
elsewhere. Practicality is always a plus.

Writing Sample:

Gregori walked down the streets, his head tilted
forward and his eyes gazing a few feet in front of him.
The rain was coming down in torrents and his clothes
were getting ruined by the minute. But there was a task
to do, and he would not let anything detour him. As he
took a few more steps, a drenched figure bumped into him
and then turned him around. "Hey, watch where you are
bloody going, you fricken reject", said the man. Gregori
lifted his eyes and narrowed them, those hard gray eyes
growing hazel and a flash sparking across his pupils.
His hatred of deterrence caused his lip to curve and his
teeth to show, but he controlled himself and only formed
a fist with his gloves. But his eyes sent messages of
death and damnation with every second that he was held
back. "God Dammit! I'm sorry mister..really..I.." but the stranger's words fell on deaf ears as Gregori turned and continued on his way. "I'll arrange that later..." were the only words that came out of his lips, and he left the poor wretch to be doomed to his fate. The unknown passerby stood there, his legs wet from the rain, but warm from the piss that ran down his leg. The light post where Gregori had stood was cracked, a fist imprint deep within.


Six eyes burning with hate gazed upon the minor angel in his grasp. Blood run slowly over the metallic fingers of Dominic's grasp as he squeezed tighter ever so slowly. "You continue to lie. You continue to play games. And you expect me to forgive you? Tsk tsk...I do not forgive, you should know that Parpha. I simply do as I was meant to do: Remove the Wrong." And with that, the metallic gauntlet of Dominic's justice closed tight, the angel's eyes bulged before exploding into issues of fire, and impure holy blood ran over the length of Dominic's arm. Six eyes, burning with hate, watched as the body burned away in his hand, flesh turning to ash and becoming mere dust. He lowered his hand and looked to the side, his hooded gaze washing over one of his underlings, the hatred slowly dying away. "See that his name is written in the book of souls. I have more important things to do." And with that, the robed archangel of justice made his way through the Halls of Judgment and towards the gateways to Earth.