Played by Junko (Niyati)

Name: Celia Rothroc

Nickname: Cels [Pronounced "Chels"]

Gender: Female

Age: 12

Birth Date: unknown

Birthplace: Heaven

Blood Type: O

Family: Her foster parents Jessica and Isabella, and her brother figure Michel. [And yes, you did read that properly.]

Hair: Black

Eyes: Ice blue

Body: She's very tiny for her age, barely breaking 4' 5". Her hair is worn down, in long ringlets that hang to her waist.

Marks: She has freckles scattered about her cheeks.

Clothing: She likes wearing Victorian-style dresses, and sticks to wearing skirts and dresses.

Most Prized Possession: None

Hobbies: Going with Isabella to work, playing with her elder brother, Michel.

Occupation: Student

Food: mushrooms

Fears: Unknown.

Goals: Unknown.

Positive Characteristics: Patient, Reserved

Negative Characteristics: Unforgiving, Can be rather cold

Personality: 'Celia', in the eyes of her 'parents', peers, and friends, is a good-natured, well mannered child. But as Enlil she takes on other attributes. She is cunning, ruthless, and at times can be viewed as very cutthroat. It's all for the mission, and sacrifices must be made.

History: Past - Enlil, a cherubim who true means are unknown to all. She confides in her one sibling, the lower Seraphim, her elder, Shekhina. She was given the title of Seer during her first moments of life, as were the others... ranks were given out later. She watched as the six lovely creatures, the Fallen, were brutally disgarded, leaving in their wake painful scars and severed wings of ebony. She watched as God slowly lost the grip on his fragile sanity, and she vowwed to give him a fresh canvas to work with.

Present - She chose to take the form of a young girl, and wandered the globe over a course of several centuries. Finally as the close of the twentieth century drew to a close, she was adopted by a divorcee-turned-lesbian CEO (Jessica), and your classic palm-reader Isabella. With these two also came an older brother, Michel, who's 17. They previously lived in New York, moving to Japan when Jessica got promoted to the Japanese headquarters. She currently resides in a nice house in Chouku, Tokyo.