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Played by Junko

Name: Junko Shimazaki

Nickname: My Wings

Gender: female

Age: 16

Birth Date: June 16


Blood Type: O

Family: Father (Reiji), Mother (Haruka), Little Sister (Kaori)

Hair: Dirty Blonde

Eyes: Hazel

Body: Slender, with a good sized chest. 5' 5"

Marks: She has a scar that runs from the nape of her neck to her left breast. She doesn't like to talk about how she got it.

Clothing: Always wear long-necked shirts, doesn't want people to see her scar. Likes cute, unique clothing, things with ears are a plus.

Most Prized Possession: "5x2/2x5 Fangirl" shirt.

Hobbies: playing with her little sister, swimming

Occupation: student

Food: Loves spicy Italian foods.

Weaponry: "Tough Lovin' " her mallet.

Fighting Style: none

Fears: Being alone, outside, at night.

Goals: To join Japan's olympic swim team

Positive Characteristics: Optimistic, Caring, Loves kids

Negative Characteristics: Lets her emotions pile up inside.

Personality: Happy-go-lucky, with a can-do attitude about everything. Seems a bit naive about the real world on the surface.

History: Past - Being unquestionably loyal to her lover, Lucifer, she too fought against the throne of the almighty, was branded as one of the fallen and was cast onto the earth to live as a mortal.

Present - Junko's ex-boyfriend, Yuusuke, tried to rape her after they broke up -- he didn't succeed. But he did leave a lasting mark on her with a knife. She doesn't trust men easily now.

Writing Sample:

One. Two. Three. Breath. One. Two. Three. Breath. One. Two. Three. Breath. The familiar repitition of three strokes and a breath always put her at ease. To have the feel of nothingness surround her, it's cold touch on her skin, it always brought back memories -- both good and bad. She loved to swim... really she did, but after the... incident, she never really want to compete again. She wanted to be able to hide away from the sideways glances and hushed tones -- for once she wanted to be able to get into the water again and not overhear the staple question,"What's with the scar?". But it was just wishful thinking... oh well, Junko'd just have to stick with swimming in the bath tub for now.

Young Mary, loitering once her garden way,
Felt a warm splendour grow in the April day,
As wine that blushes water through. And soon,
Out of the gold air of the afternoon,
One knelt before her: hair he had, or fire,
Bound back above his ears with golden wire,
Baring the eager marble of his face.
Not man's nor woman's was the immortal grace
Rounding the limbs beneath that robe of white,
And lighting the proud eyes with changeless light,
Incurious. Calm as his wings, and fair,
That presence filled the garden.

from "Mary and Gabriel," by Rupert Brooke

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