played by KWoman

Name: Cade Ikeda-Jones


Gender: Male

Age: 21

Birth Date: March 10th

Birthplace: Denver, Colorado

Blood Type: AB

Family: Sumi Ikeda (mother), Charlotte Jones (biological mother), and Saeko (younger “twin” sister).

Hair: Dark brown with auburn highlights. He can’t ever seem to decide what to do with it, so he normally just leaves it to grow until he makes a decision. It currently hangs to the middle of his shoulder blades when pony-tailed. He never wears bangs, since all they ever do is get in his eyes while he’s working.

Eyes: Blue-green.

Body: He stands at an even 6’ with a lanky build. His frame is lean and strong, and his upper body is fairly well developed due to hours and hours working with his sculptures.

Marks: He has a long, jagged scar that runs down his left forearm from his wrist to nearly his elbow. If asked he will tell you he got it while working on a sculpture.

Clothing: With all the dust he carries with him, he’s found that blue jeans and T-shirts are the easiest to keep clean (and replace when he ruins them).

Most Prized Possession: A little piece of stone that his sister had given him when they were little. To the average person this looks like nothing more than a weirdly shaped oblong rock, but to his sister it had looked like a sleeping dragon.

Hobbies: When he isn’t in his shop he enjoys watching anime, reading manga, and playing video games.

Occupation: Apprenticed to a sculptor when he was 10, Cade has always loved his chosen line of work.

Food: A big fan of Rocky Road ice cream, he has been known to eat an entire box by himself if not supervised.

Fears: Large bodies of water. He has never learned to swim, and other than his family no one knows why.

Goals: He hopes to someday sculpt something that will be displayed in a museum, and to create a sleeping dragon worthy of his sister’s gift to him.

Positive Characteristics: Dedicated, patient, calm, and willing to sacrifice almost anything to help or protect a loved one in need.

Negative Characteristics: He is sort of soft spoken and introverted, and has a hard time dealing with loud, boisterous people.

Personality: He is quiet and reserved for the most part, since he has never really found any reason to be otherwise. He has gotten used to answering questions about his mothers but people whose minds are closed off to such things never cease to irk him. He is a visionary when it comes to sculpting; patience abounds in his demeanor. He seems to be able to make almost anything from a piece of stone or wood, but when sat down in a classroom or behind a desk he becomes a fidgeting bundle of frayed nerves. He was never a good student, not to say he’s not smart, but his mind constantly wanders and people have a hard time following what he’s talking about sometimes.

Past –
The Angel of Divine Love and the Patron Angel of all who love God. He is traditionally regarded as chief of the Order of Powers and one of the sefiroth. He is considered to be one of the seven archangels who stand before God and one of the governing angels of the seven planets, specifically ruler of the planet Mars. A gatekeeper of Heaven, Kemuel is Chief of twelve-thousand fiery Angels of Destruction, all posted there with him at the portals of the sky. Originally the God of War, Kemuel personifies divine justice and governs Heavenly singing. He grants Power, Invisibility, and Invincibility. He is responsible for holding in check Leviathan, the monster of evil who will swallow the souls of sinners on Judgment Day. Kemuel brings to mankind the gift of Godness, the Holy that exists within all women and men. He gives power in interpersonal relationships and self-discipline, but the most impressive trait of this Archangel is his knowledge of Karma. Kemuel can show you how to make up for bad karma and how to purify yourself in this incarnation. He acts as a judge and can, on your behalf, make sure justice is served. He will only help, however, if he feels you are honest.

Present –
He had a very different sort of upbringing…his mothers decided that they wanted to have children, but took this a step further and were inseminated at the same time by the same donor. This brought about the birth of himself and a half sister born within 3 days of each other. Thankfully, they each resembled their donor father enough that they could pass as twins without too much scrutiny for the lack of a male parent in their household. This left him very open minded to the possibility that his soul mate could be male or female. He is an artist by profession but lacks the certain flare that makes most artists “shine”. He received the scar on his forearm while on vacation with his family one year. He had been walking down the dock that jutted out towards the middle of the lake that they were camping next to when he tripped and fell into the water. He didn’t know how to swim, and tangled himself in the stuff beneath the dock in his struggles to stay above the water’s surface. To this day he still has nightmares about what happened, but when awake he doesn’t remember much between his fight for air and waking up in the hospital 2 days later. His mothers forced him to get his Associates Degree after he graduated from High School, and he did so grudgingly. He has never ceased training with his sensei and works with him every weekend.

Writing Sample:

He looked up from what he was doing for a moment as a shadow fell across the stone in front of him. His sister stood in the doorway to the large backyard shed he called his “workshop”. As usual she was talking to him even though he couldn’t hear her. He set down his chisel and hammer and pulled out his earplugs. Standing, he moved his protective glasses onto the top of his head and walked over to her.

“…ted to know if you were ever planning to come inside and eat breakfast…or lunch for that matter.”

He merely nodded and asked, “So how does she look?” His sister looked past him at the large piece of rose marble sitting amidst a small haze of dust. He turned to look at it as well, gaining a bit of perspective once again. He was working on a commission for someone in Japan that had seen one of his sculptures while visiting the States earlier in the year. Cade had received a request in the mail for him to sculpt something he had never tried before, and had almost turned down due to its complexity.

He looked over the large block of pale pink stone that had been imported to him once he had accepted the request. The sides of her wings were visible already, stretched wide and pointed skyward. She was kneeling, that much was obvious even to his sister, and the basic outline of her head and knees was all that was really distinguishable so far. In his mind he clearly saw the young woman clothed in a flowing robe, her long hair cascading down her back in-between her wings, kneeling, her arms cradling a small baby with her wings open and pointed towards the heavens. He was glad that he had agreed to meet with the Japanese man…he felt that this particular piece was somehow special, and he got a good feeling whenever he thought about it.