An Innocent Abroad

Uriel - Tokyo Tower

Alyisha walked around Tokyo Tower, passing people she didn't know, speaking a language she was just staring to learn. Her family had just left Florida, because it just had too many bad memories. Her mother wanted to get as far away from Florida as possible, so they moved to Tokyo. She sighed and looked over the city. At night, it was beautiful. When she left her home earlier that night, she had told her mother that she was not yet used to the time change. A total lie. She was always up at night, creeping around.
Lately she had been having strange dreams about herself and her father. She had sprouted wings. Wings. Of all things wings. Then she took her father's hand and they went up ... to somewhere. She never knew where, because her dream would always cut off into something else. She put a quarter into a viewfinder and pushed her face against it, getting a closer look at her new home.

Uriel - Tokyo Subway

Alyisha was running through the subway, which was pretty hard. Her blue plaid skirt was keeping her from going at her full spped, and people were everywhere. Thank God she wasn't closturphobic. She had awoken late because of her little night outting. When she had gotten home from the Tower, she realized that she didn't do her homework. She had been at her favorite wicker desk and chair half the night, writing about molds and figuring algebraic equations.

She had rushed through breakfast that morning, only eating a piece of toast. When she got to the nearest subway stairs she slid down the railing and straight into a crowd of people trying to get to work and children trying to make it to school. Unfortunatly, navigating subways was not her specialty. She had asked numerous people around the station where she could catch a train. That didn't help any. It just got her more lost. She had to try one more time, otherwise, she'd be late to school. She poked someone.
" Eh...sorry, butcould you...ah...point me in the direction of this train?" Alyisha said to them. " I need to get to my school,....."


Media turned around and looked at the girl, analyzing her. In a few moments, it clicked *who* she was. A sly smirk almost crossed her face, but no, her expression never changed.

"It is down there; take a right, and you'll see a sign."

She pushed a strand of gray hair from her eyes.

"You're a foreigner, aren't you? You know, if you don't know this city very well, you shouldn't be out alone. Something could happen to you...Don't you have an older brother or a father who'd walk with you?"

She paused, never changing her expression.

"Oh, but around here...everyone is so busy. I'm sure your father wouldn't have time to show you how to get to school before he left for work."

Her eyes settled on Alyisha's throat, watching the necklace sparkle.

"My, what a pretty locket..."


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