Welcome to the unofficial site of Take My Wings, an online RPG currently being played on Moonwings Otaku Forums!

Millennia ago, six high-ranking angels rebelled against God. The rebellion devastated the ranks of the angels, but in the end the rebels failed. They were stripped of their wings, branded as fallen, and cast onto the earth to walk in an endless cycle of reincarnations. Six holy angels, the Vengeful, followed them into reincarnation to ensure that each of the Fallen angels' reincarnations were shadowed by tragedy and despair.

For millennia, that is how it has been, with the Fallen serving their sentences and the Vengeful dealing out their punishments in ignorance of their true identities. However, mysterious forces are now at work to awaken the reincarnated angels and spark off a battle which may destroy the earth...

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Who goes with whom? - A table of the correspondences between the characters
Special powers and dreamscapes
A brief explanation of the Japanese blood-type system