Fan Art of Nathanael/

Fan art by PeacefulChaos

Fan art by PeacefulChaos

Played by Intereo Liberi (PeacefulChaos)

Name: Kyosuke Takada

Nickname: Aku-Kyo (Evil Kyo, if you like your Angels in English ^_~)

Gender: Male.

Age: 14

Birth Date: February 7th

Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan.

Blood Type: AB

Family: Foster Parents - Yuko, Mother and Genma, Father.

Hair: Naturally black, dyed red at some point, but his hair has grown out to shoulder length and he hasn't bothered to re-dye it. As a result, it's black to about eye length and then fades into a dull, rusty red.

Eyes: His eyes, despite being sloe, are foreign to Japan. They're green for the most part, and speckled with brown. This is due to his biological father being American.

Body: Pale, serpentine, and lightly muscled. As his frame is quite small, he isn't capable of building up a lot of bulk, although he is still quite strong.

Marks: A glorified dragon tattoo resides from the top of his shoulder blades to the small of his back. He also gets the odd hickey mark.

Clothing: Usually something black - baggy and comfortable when he's indoors, and probably quite shiny and small if he's out. Several of his clothes have large round holes cut in the back to show off the tattoo, and he's always wearing a simple piece of patterned claw-shaped metal, looped on an oft-broken multi-knotted piece of black string about his neck.

Most Prized Possession: His foster parents and, more than likely, his tattoo. He doesn't seem to care for much more than that.

Hobbies: Fighting, drinking, swearing, boasting, being late for work, and just generally doing really naughty-type things.

Occupation: Works as an assistant in a small video game store, student [though, when he's not slacking at school, he's skipping it entirely].

Food: Noodles and Ice cream.

Fighting Style: Street Fighting.

Fears: Objects touching his neck, Asphyxiation, and enclosed spaces.

Goals: Apparently, to annoy, beat up, and be beaten up by as many people as he can. Beyond that - it doubtfully matters, since he lacks any qualifications for a decent future.

Positive Characteristics: Can be remarkably wise in his speaking, actually likes animals - far more than he likes people.

Negative Characteristics: Is something of a bit psychotic, laughs freakishly when fighting, and often tries to manipulate people. Has a habit of hitting on people he really ought not to, and playing with their pant buttons.

Personality: Kyosuke has a tendency to charge into fights, whether or not they concern him. While he's been floored more times than he can remember, he usually comes out on top. He has a bit of a short fuse, and his anger often clouds his judgement. Due to his unhealthy and vaguely insane nature and appearance, he's not feared so much as he is ridiculed. He's only marginally crazy, though he has his manias and obsessions that could be questionable; blood and gore, he's particularly fond of. Despite his estranged, untrustworthy nature and sadomasochistic streak, he feels apart from the crowd for other reasons that he can't explain. He blames it on the fact he's more merciful than his ruthless counterparts.

History: Past - Nathanael was a powerful Angel - his punishments came severely and without remorse. When Lucifer began the rebellion, he approached Nathanael as a colleague, requesting he become dissident to "punish" the crimes God commited against angels. Nathanael refused; his services were already sworn to the angels aligned with God. Lucifer struck him to the ground, and after a long and difficult struggle, strangled him to death, draining down any friendship they had to considering him as one less angel to deal with in the final battle.

Present - When he was nine, he was removed from his parent's care by social services after evidence of abuse was found, and put with his presently considered family, Yuko and Genma. He never talks about the nature of the abuse, but it has shown to be very traumatising for him. He was mute for well over a year in the care of his foster parents. Despite his foster parents being an excellent and very kind couple - unable to have children of their own - Kyosuke grew up in the presence of a bad crowd, and had become heavily influenced by them. However, he never dragged his street life into their house. He respected his parents far too much.

Kyosuke is expected to be late for his job, as it's a regular occurrence. Yet he always finds time to waste himself in the bars and back-alleys of Tokyo, where they don't care about his age. He gets over such after-effects surprisingly quickly - his recovery ability remarkable - but it's never struck him as anything but convenient.

Writing Sample:

His alarm clock was so much louder than usual. Not that he could hear it at all well over his pounding headache, mind you; but it still managed to drill holes in his skull with it's persistent whining every half second.

It was later than usual. Must be a weekend.

An arm snaked out and beat it savagely, and the room was silent.

The blanket turned over, and from beneath it, a dark head emerged. Kyosuke stared at the yellow ceiling as one hand found it's way up to gently massage a temple, the other laying limply over his chest. He sighed heavily. Slowly, as not to jar his pounding skull, he sat up. He blinked his sore, blood-shot eyes, and touched his dark lids tenderly. He winced; everything throbbed. "... Eh..." He managed. His throat constricted against any more speech, and he fell silent. Then, supporting himself against the wall, he managed to pull his legs under him, and moved to a half-crouching, half-standing position, and just stayed there, trying to stop his bedroom swimming before him. He swallowed heavily, just listening to the beating of his heart resounding through his limbs, running a mantra around his head as though ready to tear him apart.

Then he burst through the sliding door, into the bathroom, flung himself against the toilet, and vomited. He kneeled a moment, dry heaving, before the next violent surge came. As the last of it left him, Kyosuke sagged, staring into space and trying to breathe properly. Somewhere through the deafening ringing in his ears, he heard his mother, Yuko, asking if he was alright. Asking if he should call in sick again today. He shook his head as best he could, his eyes hardening defiantly. "No..." he murmured coldly, "I'll be in."

He needed the money, after all. If only to feed his desire for self-destruction.