played by KWoman

Nickname: Shabbat Hamalka, the Queen

Alias: Viol Darklight

Element: Earth

Gender: Female

Age: Appears 20.

Birth Date: wouldn’t you like to know ;}

Birthplace: As are all Angels, she was born of Heaven.

Blood Type: I suppose if she had one it would be AB.

Family: God created her as the embodiment of femininity; but like all Angels she does not truely have "family".

Hair: Thick wavy golden brown tresses hang to the backs of her knees. She has been known (when the mood strikes her) to dye it. Her hairstyles vary as much as her moods do. Be forewarned, though, if her hair is loose there will probably be hell to pay.

Eyes: Clear blue with a hint of golden yellow…the color of the sky in the midmorning just after sunrise.

Body: At 5’5” you wouldn’t think of her as imposing, but her sheer presence is enough to make most people think twice about messing with her. Rounded hips, slender waist, full breasts (a C cup if anyone wants to know), delicate features, and no scars mar her porcelain skin. She always smells like vanilla.

Marks: none

Clothing: Her style varies as much as anything else. Currently she has taken to wearing clothing designed by her precious Kazu Takeuchi. Black leather stiletto heeled boots (the thigh high ones are currently her favorites), skirts of lengths from impossibly short to just above the ground, arm length gloves and a variety of flamboyant sleeveless blouses fill her wardrobe.

Most Prized Possession: The friendship of Abdiel…it may be the only thing keeping her partially sane.

Hobbies: She enjoys music, dancing, punishing “bad” people, needlework, cooking, sending fascinating "dreams" to her Fallen, and reading.

Occupation: She is watching over her beautifully sensitive (and currently deliciously feminine) Azrael, awaiting the right time to awaken him.

Food: She has taken a liking to sushi, and is always up for a good bowl of Minestrone.

Fears: Losing to her growing insanity. Losing Abdiel’s friendship. Awakening Azrael to find that he is no longer the same angel that she knew.

Goals: To awaken her sweet Angel of Death...from there she has not decided...

Positive Characteristics: She has, from the beginning of the human race, tried to help them. She has many times over assisted them, as well as punishing them when they were “bad”. She feels like a mother to the poor souls on Earth, and constantly seeks to end their suffering.

Negative Characteristics: Being created so close to God, she has been in his presence for too long. The doubt that has filled His being has been slowly creeping into her. She has tried to help Him, but it is merely leading to her own destruction.

Personality: She is losing her precious grasp on sanity day by day. One moment she will be the epitome of the heavenly mother she was created to be, the next she will grind someone under her boots for looking at her the wrong way (because obviously they were “bad”).

Past – Created as the template to all things feminine, she was a being of pure light. All that looked upon her were healed of illness and lost the evil that was in their hearts. She loved her “children” and mediated between them and God for their redemption. She was also strict with them, making sure that they were punished when they sinned.

Present – Thousands of years of trying to keep God’s sanity in tact has taken its toll on her mind. She sees humans as not only her children, but as her toys to do with as she sees fit. She would just as soon smile at you as rip your beating heart out of your chest. Shekhina is losing her internal battle over her sanity, and will end up like God if someone does not help her.

Writing Sample:
She perched atop the building and watched as one of the Wingless wrapped his arms around her precious Azrael. Her eyes squinted partially closed as she glared at the man that was tempting her delicate black rose with promises of sleep. How dare he. Her mind raced at the possibilities of all the things she could do to make him suffer for coming near her Fallen Angel of Death.

She stood, walking along the edge of the roof back towards the train station. Pausing as she felt an odd tingle…Abdiel…Abdiel was distressed. She took a small step off of the roof into the thin air over the sidewalk as her wings splayed out behind her. She headed skyward to find her friend.

Thinking as she looked for her gentle comrade, she wondered briefly what Azrael would think of what she had become while he was gone.


I had sort of an idea…that perhaps Shekhina had fallen in love with Azrael (mwuaha), and that because God didn’t want to share her attentions with a mere angel, he chained him between the pillars as punishment for crimes the Angel of Death had committed against Him (aka, stealing Shekhina’s heart from Him). She probably snuck off to visit Azrael at every possible chance, bringing brief moments of peace to his heart as he stood bound by the chains of a jealous God.

Azrael doesn’t necessarily have to have loved her back, but I would like to still leave it in there that she loved him.

I also staked claim on Earth for her (since Abdiel had already claimed Light, and Healing wasn't an option ;D).