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Pagan and New Age Summer Camps

There are hundreds of summer camps for pagan and new age adults, but very little for children. I've scratched up what I can find.

The Foundation for Divine Consciousness - Austin, TX
Holds two children's summer camps, Camp Indigo and Camp Mana.

Four Quarters Interfaith Sanctuary - Artemas, PA
Four Quarters has held a children's summer camp in the past. It might not this year (the site isn't clear), but it does have family gatherings.

Spiritual Renaissance Camp - Chesapeake, VA
A spiritual kids' summer camp day program teaching quantum physics, yoga, team-building skills, non-violent communication, spiritual drumming, leadership skills, brain gym, EFT, coping skills, sedona method, muscle testing, reiki, and more.

About Pagan and New Age Summer Camps

The First Pagan Children's Summer Camp
Kurt Talking Stone discusses his experiences as a father and participant at the first Pagan Children's Summer Camp.

Family and Children at Four Quarters - The Kids Tribe
Members of the Church of the Four Quarters talk about the child members of this Pagan community.

SpiralScouts International is a program for girls and boys of minority faiths working, growing and learning together. Although founded by Wiccans, it is open and welcoming to all erligions.

Updated 3/24/06

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