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Weight Loss Camps

Weight loss camps, also called fitness camps or fat camps, are more popular now than ever. These camps are for teens and kids.

Camp Shane - Ferndale, NY
A weight loss camp for kids of all ages and young women aged 17-25, with a huge range of activities, from arts and crafts to adventures to sports and high tech.

Camp California Fitness - Turlock, CA
Camp California Fitness is an inclusive program designed to empower young girls with the psychological, physiological, and intellectual tools necessary for structuring a healthy lifestyle.

Camp Jump Start - St. Louis, MI
A fun children's weight loss summer camp for both boys and girls ages 10-17.

Camp Kingsmont - Great Barrington, MA
Weight loss camp for children ages 7 to 18, focusing on building self esteem while teaching proper diet and exercise.

Camp Pennbrook - Leonia, NJ
Camp Pennbrook is more than just a weight loss camp. Camp is a unique learning experience--it is our job to bring out the best. Every child succeeds.

Elk Ridge Academy - Shoals, IN
We are a Healthy Living Academy for overweight teens ages 13-18. We are also the first raw and living foods residential school in the US. We offer a setting where teens struggling with their weight and self-esteem can acquire eating habits, fitness skills as well as lifestyle changes that will last them a lifetime. We are not just another weight loss camp or a fat camp - we provide a supportive and fun community where students can learn and experience healthy living at the core level. Winter and summer sessions.

New Image Camps - Reeders, PA; Ojai, CA; Lake Wales, FL
A coed weight loss camp for 7- to 19-year-olds. There are three locations: Camp Ojai, CA, Camp Pocono Trails, PA, and Camp Vanguard, FL.

Wellspring Adventure Camp California - Reedley, CA
At Wellspring Adventure Camp California, we believe adventure is the key to committing to an active lifestyle for the rest of your life. And by adventure, we mean activities like surfing at Morro Bay, mountain biking up the California coast, snorkeling at Monterey and Big Sur, and whitewater rafting in Kings River Canyon. Due to the remarkable level of activity achieved at WACC, the weight loss (in terms of % weight lost) is the highest among all Wellspring Camps.

Wellspring Camps
Offers summer weight loss camps for overweight children and young adults in North Carolina and New York.

About weight loss camps

Gut Check
A Salon journalist ponders the weight-loss camp phenomenon during a trip to Western Wellspring Adventure Camp.

Fat Camp? Not Any More! Weight Loss Camps Have Come A Long Way
Cynthia Vega talks about the differences between old-fashioned and new weight loss camps.

For Overweight Children, Are "Fat Camps" a Solution?
Abby Ellin discusses the daily life, successes, failures, and dangers of weight loss camps, as well as tips for making a summer at weight loss camp work.

Updated 3/24/06

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