A sorbet to cleanse the palate

Anderson Cooper the way he would prefer to be seen.
Image credit: Turner.com

I’ve watched so much news that I feel like a retiree sitting at home with FOX News turned on 24-7. I’ve watched so much news that I’m starting to develop opinions about the different stations. I have favorite newscasters now, guys. Favorite newscasters. A year ago the only “newscast” I watched was John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight, occasionally, when a friend showed me a really good one at her house. Now I have strong opinions about Rachel Maddow and Morning Joe.

But my strongest opinion is this: Anderson Cooper is disgracefully hot when he giggles.

The best moment is in the last one at 1:24, when Kathy Griffin says, “He’s got short pants,” and Anderson makes a sound that’s neither speech nor laughter, but pure, unfiltered hilarity. That’s the sound someone makes when there’s too much laughter to escape out their┬ámouth, and they have to use all the holes in their head.

I hope you enjoyed your palate cleanser. Up next: Back to the dark, depressing stuff.


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