A sorbet to cleanse the palate

Anderson Cooper the way he would prefer to be seen.
Image credit: Turner.com

I’ve watched so much news that I feel like a retiree sitting at home with FOX News turned on 24-7. I’ve watched so much news that I’m starting to develop opinions about the different stations. I have favorite newscasters now, guys. Favorite newscasters. A year ago the only “newscast” I watched was John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight, occasionally, when a friend showed me a really good one at her house. Now I have strong opinions about Rachel Maddow and Morning Joe.

But my strongest opinion is this: Anderson Cooper is disgracefully hot when he giggles.

The best moment is in the last one at 1:24, when Kathy Griffin says, “He’s got short pants,” and Anderson makes a sound that’s neither speech nor laughter, but pure, unfiltered hilarity. That’s the sound someone makes when there’s too much laughter to escape out their mouth, and they have to use all the holes in their head.

I hope you enjoyed your palate cleanser. Up next: Back to the dark, depressing stuff.


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