objection to your quoting me

I make this face a lot these days, but especially on days like this.

This is what happens when you don’t check your email: You miss the hilarity.

objection to your quoting me

From: Sharon Wildey
To: Issendai
Date: 2017-04-10 09:49

Your article regarding abandoned parents which seeks to quote both myself and my book is misleading and false. Please remove these offensive passages and send me proof that you have done so.

Sharon Wildey is the author of an undercooked dog’s breakfast of a book titled Abandoned Parents: The Devil’s Dilemma: The Causes and Consequences of Adult Children Abandoning Their Parents. It’s beloved of a certain class of estranged parents, offering up insights such as:

There may be psychological diagnosis that can be made about the adult child who lives this hate filled life, and perhaps should be made, but first and above all it is a moral failure and in some cases even evil.

There is not a crueler action to take against another human being than ostracism, abandonment and alienation and especially when that other human being is your parent.

I quoted it on a couple-few pages of my site. Those quotes… are still up. I emailed Wildey an invitation to explain how my analyses are misleading and false, with an eye toward changing my analyses if she makes a fair case, but somehow I don’t think much will change in the days to come.




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