I confess it. My interest in 16th-century Turkey is as shallow as it comes. I was drawn to the garb–so pretty! So comfy! So within my skill level! Then to the construction details–so unclear! So speculative! Then, like the purist snob I am, to the essential point–everyone is doing it wrong!

This collection of articles and miscellaneous clumps of data are my attempt to do it right, and to help others do it right. Authentic Ottoman Turkish garb is beautiful, comfortable, and blessed with authentic period pockets. Yes, pockets. Not pocket slits, pockets. So dump your ghawazee coats, and come learn to make beautiful, comfortable clothes that you can stow your phone in.

Note: My first robe was made of Tyrian purple rayon-linen blend and my second and newest is made of drapery cotton in an authentic pattern c. 1800’s Williamsburg. I am the very model of an authenticity snob.