Kill Not the Annoying Muppet
Mental Training

The purpose of Jedi mental training, as far as I can tell, is to teach the Padawan to put up with her master without killing him. Exercises which keep the Padawan silent, immobile, and blind are preferred, as are those which make her too tired to talk back.

Most Earthbound Padawans are, alas, short a Jedi Master. However, our cups runneth over with chances to put up with people without killing them. Family members, coworkers, bosses, clients, members of the public, cellphone users, women who wear palm gloves to work out with three-pound weights—all of these people are a chance to hone our mental skills.

My own principal teacher is a coworker of mine whom I call the Bitch-Priestess of Dagon, or the Dagoness for short. More on my struggles with her later. If you're really interested, you might find something about this wonderment of humanity in my log.

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