Where in hell has Issendai been?

This bunny has no connection with any political party, American or otherwise.
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Where have I been? I’ve been obsessively pushing “refresh” on a page of Trump news since late September.

It’s the strangest of strange situations to be in. I’m used to running into a narcissist online, watching them, digging back to see how long they’ve been up to whatever lunacy got them on my radar, writing the occasional “OMG did you see what this person did?” post when the ridiculousness piles up too high to not share. This is the first time someone I’ve watched has been on the world’s radar. I don’t have to check someone’s blog or figure out what sockpuppet they’re using today. I just have to enter their name into Google, and Google serves up pages upon pages of terrifying new details that are refreshed by the minute.

And just like the average online narcissist, Trump has a retinue of believers, enablers, bullies, and apologists. The difference is that they didn’t badger the head of their MUSH to give a known rulebreaker another chance. They elected him to the head of the country. A country that, arguably, runs the world.

What in hell, people.




This is the expression I’ve worn for the last two weeks.

I’m about three millimeters to the right of Bernie Sanders, so my reaction to the past several months has been one long primal scream. Over the last week I’ve managed to get out a couple of semi-coherent rants on the inbreath, so hopefully I’m close to being desensitized enough to flail blindly at my keyboard. If the infinite monkeys theory is right, that gives me a non-zero chance of bashing out some articles on authoritarianism and the neurobiology of sociopathy.

A blacksmith friend who watched Civil War with me blurted out, “I used to work with one of those vices!” The vice pinning Bucky’s arm isn’t merely a movieland Woobie Immobilization Device, it’s an actual, functional real-life piece of industrial equipment for immobilizing woobies.

But it’s going to take a lot of Bucky Barnes screenshots to get me through.

So, so many Bucky Barnes screenshots.


How have the rest of you managed in our brave new world?


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